Informed Decision Making for the Mining Industry

CMInsight is a specialised advisory and asset management business focused on the metals and minerals sector. Our clients range from small-cap exploration companies to FTSE100 mining groups.

"Our mission is to enable data-driven informed decidion making for the mining and mineral processing industry."

Mike Barden - Founder & CEO

Asset Management

Direct, full or partial, management of the portfolio of a client or an individual operation.

Strategic Advisory

Understanding current and future options and choices, that leadership teams have for their businesses.

Management Consulting

Providing impartial advice or delivering client-focused services, sharing our experience and expertise in the sector.

Performance Measurement

Collecting, analysing and reporting key qualitative and quantitative information to the business stakeholders.

Big Data

In the new age, well capable of processing and analysing extensive datasets in the search for the ‘Single Source of Truth’.

Business Optimisation

Combining expertise, discipline and a toolbox developed over 40 years to bring the very best out of your business.


Covering the Commodity Lifecycle

Mineral exploration is a sequential process of information gathering that assesses the mineral potential of a given area. It starts with an idea or geologic model that identifies lands worthy of further exploration.
Mineral discovery prompts development, generating and assessing the economic potential of a given mineral deposit. It starts with a prefeasibility analysis leading to a bankable feasibility study.
Economically viable projects require financing and construction. From detailed engineering to laying the first brick, projects need management for time and budget.
Construction leads to production, enabling cashflows to yield returns to the project stakeholders and provide the invaluable metal and mineral commodities that fuel the global economy.

Asset Management Serices For Mining and Mineral Processing Operations

We help our clients with key business challenges – making practical and informed business decisions through the application of big data environment and leading edge tools, analytics and methodologies.

From exploration through to production, CMInsight engagese with companies across the commodity lifecycle with a long-term view on the industry.

  • -
    KPIs & Performance Measurement
  • -
    Business Score Cards
  • -
    Business Improvement
  • -
    Project & Investment Evaluation
  • -
    Due Diligence
  • -
    Capital Investment & Allocation
  • -
    Operating Strategies
  • -
    Mine & Project Planning
  • -
    Market Modelling & Forecasting
  • -
    Transaction Support
  • -
    Real Option Valuation
  • -
    Theory of Constraints
  • -
    Dynamic Simulation
  • -
    Monte Carlo Analysis
  • -
    Scenario Analysis
  • -
    Sensitivity Analysis
  • -
    Big Data Analysis Frameworks
  • -
  • -
    Data Management
  • -
    Database Architecture

Corporate, Social and Enviromental


Corporate Governance

Our team, our partners and collaborators remain true to bringing best-in-class industry practices, standards and applying local and international regulations.

  • Application of best practices and standards to underlying business model and business risks and priorities

Social Responsibility

As a team and as an organisation we continuously strive to positively impact and contribute to the private and public sector, the local and global economy, our employees and counterparts.

  • Advice and implementation support to sustainably align client, community and other stakeholder needs

Sustainability and the Environment

We remain committed to the responsible interaction with the planet, to maintain natural resources and avoid jeopardizing the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

  • Evaluating and aligning the business solutions with the responsibility to, and implications of, the current and future environmental context

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